Play: Trapped

Me and James made this game in 48 hours. It is mainly a prototype to test out the feeling/ambience of game idea we’ve played around with for a while. The game is made using a trial version of the Unity3D engine to get some of the Pro features (deferred rendering and bloom effect). Constructive feedback is very welcome!
Updated: Due to feedback I decided to improve the position of the cube so it’s now held on the side of the screen, change side with RMB!

Download Trapped here! (Best quality!, Windows only)

Play in Browser:

Your crosshair changes color when its above something you can interact with. It’s green when you’re in range of the object, and red if you’re out of range of the object.
– Move
Mouse – Look
LMB – Lift/Use/Take
RMB – Switch Lift side.

Danni Schou – Design and Programming
James Testmann – Design and 3D Artist