DADIU and 1 Week Production

I’ve been quite busy for the last month, starting up my third semester. This semester I’m attending DADIU which is a collaboration between danish universities and art schools, we get sorted into teams with different competences and create games together.

I became the Lead Programmer on my team, and this first month we had a lot of lectures followed by a 1 week mini-game production. We created the game Delucid that can be played here. During October I’ll be doing a competence project in Concept Development and Leadership, and then a 6 week game production in November and December.

I’ve also been working on a couple of tech demos. I’ve created a system that can slice convex 3D objects procedurally. Made some test with additive scenes. Played around with layered character animation, and a third person control system with an isometric style camera view. I’ll try to get some of them up soonish, the slicing demo have taken up a lot of time and was far more advanced that I initially imagined, but it’s finally coming to a decent state where it can be shown.

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