Mesh Splitting going Open Source

After almost 3 years I’ve decided to release my master thesis in procedural mesh splitting as open source. Currently there isn’t any plans of developing it further, but if people make improvements to it I would be happy to merge them in.

If you do something cool with this I would love to hear about it, but it’s really up to you to do what you want with it!

Get the source code from github here: mesh_splitting_unity

10 thoughts on “Mesh Splitting going Open Source

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this, you are my hero. It works absolutely amazing and it’s very neatly implemented. Also, the pdf is amazing and tought me a lot. Since im a notrious slacker ill probably never finish a game but if i do ill let you know!

  2. This looks very good! I was wondering if with the open source source code it is possible to setup the example where a water melon gets split with the correct texture mapping? It currently doesn’t include water melon prefab. Thanks in advance!

      • What I did in my example was to make a texture with a specific area reserved for the inside of the melon. When ever I split the mesh I made sure to map the UV’s to that area.
        An alternative could also be to make the inside geometry in a submesh with it’s own material.
        There is probably better solutions that’ll give nicer results but these should both be easy to implement and get you headed in the right direction.

  3. Hey, just wanted to say that your demo is really fun and the code and paper are a super nice resource and you have been so helpful and awesome. Thanks for contributing to the greater good.

  4. Holy moly! Your asset is incredible! Thanks a lot, you saved my life. When I get my game going I’ll be happy to include your name in the credits! : D

  5. Nice work! Have you ever attempted to get the slicer to work with blend shapes? Currently it just ignores them, effectively resetting them to the default values. I tried to copy the shapes with GetBlendShapeFrameVertices() and paste them into the new mesh with AddBlendShapeFrame(), which just explodes the mesh. Probably I just cannot get the indices right (I’m doing it inside your MeshContainer.CreateMesh method). There are other solutions in the asset store, but I don’t know if they cope any better with blend shapes. It’s also possible to bake the mesh before splitting it, but then you get a static mesh that cannot be animated/ragdolled.

    • I’ve never tried splitting meshes with blend shapes so I don’t know how or if it could work. I would be interested in seeing it if you manage to get it working.

  6. Hi Danni.

    Thank you very much for this wonderful tool. I encounter a problem though. In my case, I would like to activate the split without user interfering. I managed to adapt your “cameraLineSplitter” code to my situation. It can create the cut plane, and the “Scriptable” script is executed without errors. But, as soon as the cut plane appears, 1 – my gameObject (which I want to split) stops moving, 2- I can see the cut plane drawn on the scene, but I observe no actual split (There is no separation between the parts). Please how can I solve this issue ?

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