Astro Pirates

Astro Pirates is a team based cooperative multiplayer game, set in space. You play 3 vs 3, each team controlling their spaceship and working together in order to destroy the other team. You can play or download Astro Pirates right here!

Astro Pirates was developed in a Game Development class at the IT University of Copenhagen. I was one of two Programmers and I worked mainly as a Gameplay and Network Programmer. We developed the game in Unity3D, some of the key areas I worked on was: Menu, lobby and network communication, sound implementation, multiplayer cooperative features, GUI, weapons, and model implementation.

Roman Greabsch – Project Manager
Danni Schou – Programmer
Niels Frederiksen – Programmer
Rune Hilbert – Game Design & Sound Design
Jens Lauridsen – Game Design & Concept/2D Art
Emil Norsk-Nielsen – Game Design & 3D Art
Special Thanks:
James Testmann – 3D Art Support, Unwrapping
Isaac Lenhart – Video Voice-over