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Try out my game from the Game Development course at ITU. Read more about the game under it’s project page: Astro Pirates. The game is designed as a 3vs3 multiplayer game. The game mode is a 1 team vs 1 team deathmatch, with up to 3 players on each team.

You can either try the game directly in your browser or download the game (Download link (windows only)!). To try the game in your browser click the large image with the play icon (Requires: Unity Web Player). The controls are described right below the play picture.

Play in Browser:
The game was designed to run in a higher resolution so the menu is a bit pushed together in the browser. For the best experience right click and choose Go Fullscreen.

The host chooses whether players have to walk from station to station inside the spaceship (Use Inside) or they can teleport from station to station (Use Teleport).

Use Inside:
EEnter / Exit Station
W/A/S/D – Move around inside
Mouse – Mouse look
Pilot seat – Front, up the staircase
Gun decks – Bottom floor x4, Left/Right and Front/Back
Auxiliary Turret – Back, up the ladder

Use Teleport:
1 – Pilot seat
2 – Gun deck, Left-Front
3 – Gun deck, Left-Back
4 – Gun deck, Right-Front
5 – Gun deck, Right-Back
6 – Auxiliary Turret

Pilot seat:
The pilot has the overview and should take charge and communicate with teammates.
Light bulbs indicate direction of the enemy ship.
Monitors in lower corners shows the gun decks views.
Pilot seat should be controlled with left hand on WASD and right hand on arrow keys.
W/S – Throttle Up/Down
A/D – Yaw Left/Right
Up/Down – Pitch Up/Down
Left/Right – Pitch Left/Right
Shift – Afterburner
Space – Fire CLOM (if ready)

Gun deck:
Remote Controlled Missiles is for long range targets, use the monitor to guide your missile.
To get a CLOM lock, aim directly at the enemy ship simultaneously with the auxiliary turret. CLOM is activated when the red crosshairs appear and will move towards the center of the screen and turn green when ready.
Mouse – Aim
LMB – Single Shot
RMB – Full Broadside
Space – Remote Controlled Missile
W/A/S/D – Steer Remote Controlled Missile

Auxiliary Turret:
Flares works as a defensive weapon, it’s moving shield that can stop weapons from hitting your own ship. First your fire of a FlarePod and then you trigger it to explode creating an impenetrable shield.
CLOM is activated when a player is in the auxiliary turret. Aim at the enemy ship simultaneously with a gun deck. When the red crosshairs turn green the pilot can fire off the CLOM missiles (these are 4 powerful homing missiles).
If the enemy ship is to far away from the space station the KAPOW missiles can be used to one-shot kill the enemy ship.
Mouse – Aim
LMB – Fire FlarePod
RMB – Trigger all FlarePods
Space – Repair hull, press repeatedly
Enter – Fire KAPOW missiles



  • Roman Greabsch – Project Manager
  • Danni Schou – Programmer
  • Niels Frederiksen – Programmer
  • Rune Hilbert – Game Design & Sound Design
  • Jens Lauridsen – Game Design & Concept/2D Art
  • Emil Norsk-Nielsen – Game Design & 3D Art

Special Thanks:

  • James Testmann – 3D Art Support, Unwrapping
  • Isaac Lenhart – Video Voice-over

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