This was a game prototype I created together with James. We made this game in 48 hours, as a challenge to our selves. It is mainly a prototype to test out the feeling/ambiance of game idea we’ve played around with for a while. The game is made using a trial version of the Unity3D engine in order to use some of the Pro features (deferred rendering and bloom effect).

Both the game design and level design was a collaborative effort between me and James. I did all the programming and implementation of the game in Unity.

Download Trapped here! (Best quality!, Windows only)

Play in Browser:

Your cross-hair changes color when its above something you can interact with. It’s green when you’re in range of the object, and red if you’re out of range of the object.
– Move
Mouse – Look
LMB – Lift/Use/Take
RMB – Switch Lift side.

Danni Schou – Designer and Programmer
James Testmann – Designer and 3D Artist